Experiencing the Organic Expression of Christ and His Church in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metro-Plex
Organic Church DFW

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Are You Searching For Something More?

Have you found yourself in a dry, barren place spiritually?  Perhaps you have been thinking about your church-life feeling that, somehow, there must be more?  Maybe you have even dropped out of attending church altogether because something there is just not "right"...  You are not alone!  

God is calling out a people who are not content to be mere spectators in and of the church to actually BE the church - HIS church!  We feel God's heart is to have a physical expression of Himself and His Son, Jesus Christ right here in Dallas, TX and His church is to be that expression.  He is building His house here and now and is calling in "living stones" to come together to construct this dwelling place.  

This may be what you have been looking for - and it may not.  Not everyone will be willing to follow this road that must first pass through the cross before becoming His house, but for those who will it is a journey that will forever change your life!

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