Organic Church DFW

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Who We Are

We are a group of like-minded saints gathering together as one body to express the life of Christ in our community. Christ is our head and we are all ministers to each other - no paid or volunteer staff to rule or lead us.   We are building community within the church as we grow together in His Life.  

We are NOT a denomination.  We have no affiliation with any main-stream institutional movement or church.

We are NOT a religion.  We do not push any specific religious tradition or ideology.

We are NOT a movement.  We follow no man but Christ Himself.

We have ONE driving mindset: CHRIST IS ALL!  He is our hope, our salvation, our life - simply put - He is our everything. We seek to know Him in His fullest expression - His Church.  We, the church, are His bride, His one true love!  Each day we grow more and more in love with Him - individually and corporately as His bride. 

If you are looking for a "how to do organic church" web-site - this is NOT it!  We cannot tell you how, but we can show you.  The ONLY way to discover what organic church is about is to experience it.   To get more information, go to our Contact Us page!